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Thetford Castle

East Anglian Unphotographed Minor Ruins and Earthworks


1 Bradwell The west wall of this Saxon Shore fort remains.  
2 Thurleigh Only the motte remains. TL 061580
3 Brancaster Site of a Saxon Shore fort, no remains visible. Excavations have found walls 9 foot thick around a 6 acre site.  
4 Cheveley A motte castle built in 1341 with a deep moat. Only part of a tower and the walls are still visible. Surrounded by private land, no easy access. TL 678613
8 Renhold An overgrown earth ringwork and bailey is all that is left. 4 miles east of Bedford on the A428 TL 107513
9 Cainhoe The earthwork remains of a late 11th or early 12th century wooden motte and bailey castle with three baileys. Close to a footpath near Clophill. TL 097374


Great Canfield

A 40 foot mound and bailey, probably 11th century.


23 Toddington The motte remains beside Toddington church. TL 011289
29 Gannocks A motte and bailey castle, now covered by trees. Located west of the A1 at Tempsford, south of Mill Lane. The site is visible from the road. TL 161529
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