Castles and Fortifications of England and Wales

Herefordshire & The Cotswolds Unphotographed Minor Ruins and Earthworks


1 Lingen The motte and bailey is near the church. A second motte is half a mile to the north. Access by footpath. SO 366673
5 Miserden An overgrown, large motte and bailey castle dating from the start of the 12th century stands in Miserden Park, open in the summer. SO 945092
8 Staunton-on-Arrow Motte and earthworks by the church. SO 369600
19 Mansell Lacy Moated site with fragmentary foundations south east of the church. SO 426456
21 Kentchurch Court 14th century fortified manor house, rebuilt in 1795. SO 423259
31 Urishay Motte with ruins of a 17th century house. Private. SO 323376
32 Tretire Mound and earthworks. SO 521238
42 Llancillo A motte and bailey castle with traces of masonry walling. SO 367256
45 How Caple There is a motte south east of the church. SO 613306
48 Monnington Court Motte surrounded by a ditch with a bailey. SO 382368
49 Shobdon Low, wide early 12th century motte but most of the earthworks have been built over. SO 399628
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