Castles and Fortifications of England and Wales

Castles and Fortified Houses - "C".

Roman sites are listed in italics.

Cae Burdydd Castle

Cae Castell

Caegwrle Castle

Caer Gybi Fort

Caer Licyn

Caerau Castle

Caerleon (Isca) Fort

Caernarfon Castle

Caerwent Castle

Caerphilly Castle

Cainhoe Castle

Caister Castle

Caldicot Castle

Caldwall Castle

Callaly Castle

Calshot Castle

Caludon Castle

Camber Castle

Cambridge Castle

Camrose Castle

Candleston Castle

Canons Ashby Castle

Canterbury Castle

Cappleside Hall

Cardiff Castle

Cardigan Castle

Cardinham Castle

Carew Castle

Carisbrooke Castle

Carlisle Castle (Luguvalium Fort)

Carlton Round Hill

Carmarthen Castle (Moridunum Fort)

Carn Fadryn

Carreg Cennan Castle

Cartington Castle

Castell Aberlleiniog

Castell Bryn Amlwg

Castell Carndochan

Castell Coch

Castell Crugerydd

Castell Cwm Aran

Castell Deudraeth

Castell Dinas

Castell Foel Allt

Castell Meredydd

Castell Prysor

Castell Taliorum

Castell Tinboeth

Castell y Bere

Castell y Blaidd

Castle Acre

Castle Batch

Castle Bolan

Castle Bytham

Castle Camps

Castle Caereinion Motte

Castle Combe

Castle Cornet (CI)

Castle Dore

Castle Frome

Castle Gresley

Castle Haugh

Castle Howe (Kendal)

Castle Howe (Tebay)

Castle Kinsey

Castle Neroche

Castle Nimble

Castle Orchard

Castle Pulverbatch

Castle Rising

Castle Stede

Castle Toll

Castle Twts

Castlehaw Tower

Castlethorpe Castle

Castlemorton Motte

Catterlen Hall

Caus Castle

Caverswall Castle

Cawood Castle

Caxton Moats

Cefn Llech Enclosure

Cefnllys Castle

Chanstone Tump

Chartley Castle

Chateau des Marais (CI)

Cheddar Palace

Chepstow Castle

Chessington Castle

Chester Castle (Deva Victrix Fort)

Chesters (Cilurnum) Fort

Chichester Castle

Chillingham Castle

Chipchase Castle

Chipping Norton Castle

Chirk Castle

Chilham Castle

Christchurch Castle

Chisley Mound

Churchover Motte

Cilifor Top

Cilgeran Castle

Cilwhybert Motte

Clare Castle

Claxton Castle

Clifford Castle

Clifton Tower

Clitheroe Castle

Clun Castle

Clungunford Castle

Clyro Castle

Cockermouth Castle

Cocklaw Tower

Codnor Castle

Coity Castle

Colchester Castle

Colwyn Castle

Combe Motte

Compton Castle

Conisborough Castle

Conwy Castle

Cooling Castle

Corby Castle

Corbridge Pele

Corbridge (Corstopitum) Fort

Corfe Castle

Corfham Castle

Coventry Castle

Cowbridge Town Walls

Cowdray House

Cowmire Hall

Cowton Castle

Craster Tower

Crayke Castle

Cresswell Castle

Cresswell Tower

Criccieth Castle

Crickadarn Ringwork

Crickhowell Castle

Croft Castle

Cublington Castle

Culmington camp Ring

Cusop Castle

Cymmer Motte

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