Castles and Fortifications of England and Wales

North Wales Unphotographed Minor Ruins and Earthworks


4 Carn Fadryn A ruined Welsh castle dating from 1188, set 1200 foot high up on a rocky crag. Open. SH 278352
6 Cwm Prysor A badly ruined motte & bailey castle, possibly 12th century and Welsh built. Open. SH 758369
3 Cynfael A Welsh timber castle built 1147 that was burnt down within a few years. Private. SH 615016
9 Deudraeth Built by the Welsh in 1188 on a rocky outcrop. It was demolished in 1860 and little remains. Open. SH 588372
8 Dinas Emrys An end 12th/early 13th century Welsh stone keep on the site of Roman fort. Only the foundations remain. Private. SH 606492
2 Tomen Y Rhodwydd Motte & bailey castle built in 1149 by the Welsh and burnt down in 1157. Earthworks only remain. Private. SJ 176516
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