Castles and Fortifications of England and Wales

South Wales Unphotographed Minor Ruins and Earthworks


2 Baglan Welsh fortification of unknown history, probably 13th century. Only earthworks and part of a tower remain. Private. SS 756923
13 Blaenporth A minor motte and bailey castle destroyed by the Welsh in 1215. SN 266488
3 Castell Bolan A small motte only remains. Private. SS 767920
4 Castell Meredydd Early 13th century Welsh castle captured in 1236 and built up in stone. Only earthworks and fallen stone remain. Private. ST 226887
5 Castell Nos Early 13th century Welsh timber castle on rocky outcrop. Little now remains. Open. SN 966001
6 Gelligaer A tree covered motte probably late 12th century near the site of a Roman fort. Open. ST 137969
15 Llangadog Early 13th century motte is still visible. SN 709276
16 Llanrhystud Timber Welsh 1149 castle destroyed by fire in 1151. Only earthworks remain. Private. SN 552695
20 Meurig Norman motte & bailey from 1110. Captured at least 4 times before being finally demolished in 1208. Second castle dates from 1250. Earthworks only remain. Private. SN 702675
17 Pencader A grassy mound remains from a motte and bailey castle built in 1146. SN 445362
10 Sentence Only the motte remains. SN 111116
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