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A large number of small Palmerston forts were built to protect the harbours, particularly Portsmouth, and the western side of the Solent during the mid 19th century. There were four forts - Albert, Victoria, Freshwater Redoubt and Golden Hill - supported by five gun batteries, Needles, Bouldnor, Cliff End, Hatherwood Point and Warden Point.

Fort Albert 1856 It is now converted into housing.
Fort Victoria 1853 Partly demolished and part of a Country Park.
Golden Hill Fort   A six sided structure now an industrial park.
Needles Battery 1862 Overlooking the Needles. Open.
Freshwater Redoubt 1856 At Freshwater Bay, it is private and in poor condition.
Cliff End Battery 1868 Near Fort Albert, it is now built over.
Bouldnor Battery   Nothing known.
Hatherwood Point Battery 1865 - 69 Two of the six gun emplacements have fallen into the sea at Hatherwood Point and two more are in poor condition. Originally armed with four 9" RML guns, two 12.5" RML gunswere added a few years later. The battery was manned from Golden Hill Fort. It was removed from service in 1903.
Warden Point Battery   The main structure remains but is overgrown. Private holiday camp.

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