Castles and Fortifications of England and Wales
Fort Blockhouse
Forts and fortifications from N - Z on the site are listed here. Those with only brief information and without pictures are listed in italic.

Needles Battery New Tavern Fort No Mans Land Fort
Nell's Point Battery ** Nodes Point Battery North Centre Bastion
Newhaven Fort North Lines Right Battery The Nothe
Paull Battery Pier Cellars Battery Pembroke Defensible Barracks
Passage Point Battery Plymouth Breakwater Fort Portsmouth Defenses
Penlee Battery Plymouth Citadel Portsmouth Round Tower
Perch Rock Fort Polhawn Battery Puckpool Mortar Battery
Picklecombe Fort Portland Breakwater Fort  
Raleigh Battery Redcliff Battery Renney Battery
Rame Church Battery Red Sands Fort Roughs Tower
Sandown Barrack Battery Shornmead Fort Stack Rock Fort
Sandown Fort Slough Fort Staddon Fort
Scraesdon Fort South Gare Battery Staddon Point Battery
Shivering Sands Fort Spitbank Fort Staddon Heights Battery
Shoeburyness Fort St Catherines Fort Stamford Fort
Shoreham Fort St Aubins Fort (CI) Steynewood Battery
Steep Holm St James Fort ** St Helens Fort
Stone Point Battery ** South Hook Fort St Martins Battery
Thorne Island Fort Tregantle Down Battery Tregantle Fort
Tilbury Fort    

Verne Citadel Verne Battery  
Warden Point Battery West Blockhouse Fort  
  Western Heights Defences Woodland Fort
  Western King  
Yaverland Battery    
** The asterix indicates that no remains are visible.
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